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Blu Water Marine Incorporated is a family business, owned and operated by owner Blu Gagno out of Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Blu and his family have been avid boat enthusiasts for over 25 years, and in the marine industry for nearly 20 years.

Purchasing their first cruiser in 1997, Blu and his family always have a dinghy or seadoo in tow as they explore the Great Lakes and the Trent-Severn Waterway. After years of trying out different consumer products designed for dinghy’s and PWCs, the Gagno’s found that these products were cumbersome and inefficient. In response, Blu set out to innovate a solution that would allow his family to safely bring their personal water crafts and tenders with them wherever their voyages might take them.

Blu’s criteria for success was simple – it needed to be structurally sound, light weight, easy to install and operate, and most of all, safe for his family.

The solution – The Blu Water Lift! After two years of rigorous testing., we can proudly say that the Blu Water Lift is made entirely of strong aluminum that can hold up to a 1200 lb tender or PWC, with the lift itself weighing only 150 lbs! Making the Blu Water Lift easier to operate is the wireless remote technology, included with all lifts, that allows the operator to efficiently launch or haul out their PWCs. And, with few moving parts and physically sound installation, The Blu Water Lift is sure to be a safe addition to your boating family.

Blu Water Marine is also continuing to further their complement of accessories for the Blu Water Lift (SUP rack, lounge seat) and will be announcing new innovations soon that will be sure to make your time on the water more memorable!

Meet The Blu Team

Blu Gagno
Blu GagnoOwner
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Mark CombotManager


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